It's Time to Say Goodbye To The 5 Year Paint Job

Exterior paint has a job to do, a purpose beyond just re-coloring. It’s job is vital to the preservation of your property, and should stand the test of time, not fail in just a few short years.

Mother Nature causes costly damage to unprotected property.  Sun, rain and humidity effect your exterior every day.  Peeling, flaking or chipping paint is a sure sign that your paint is failing you and your property, leaving your exterior exposed to the elements, and costing you money each year in maintenance, repairs and re-painting.

In the past, a traditional exterior paint job would last much longer.  The ingredients of lead and mercury provided that longevity.  Today, tighter regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency have banned the use of these ingredients and the result is an exterior paint job that fails in just a few short years.

All high quality products come with an expectation of longevity.  Leading companies have used technology to provide quality products that stand the test of time.  Exterior paint is no different. Demand the same quality and performance, don’t settle for a few short years, when you can have piece of mind with a 25 Year warranty.


Our Mission

With 20 years experience in the painting industry, we set out to provide our customers with a solution, a way for them to “Break the Painting Cycle” and protect their biggest investment.  The 5 year paint job was no longer adequate.

Technology and ingenuity combined with superior, premium ingredients lead us to ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting Process.  A complete painting system formulated and engineered, by two of the industry’s leading manufacturer’s, to protect and preserve America's finest homes and buildings.  With enduring beauty and maximum protection, you can stop the costly re-painting cycle and get the piece of mind you deserve.

Our commitment to quality products, is matched only to our commitment to customer service.  Honesty, trust and integrity make up the ethical framework of our day-to-day business operations creating a foundation and practice of "success through service."

Expert Exterior Painters

Exterior painting is like the skin to your home. It protects the interior structure from the harsh elements on wind, rain and sun damage. Maintain a well sealed exterior is vital to the longevity of your house. Give us a call today to discuss your New Jersey painting needs.

Need A Professional House Painter?

A great deal of time can go into repainting your home on a regular basis. But are you painting more than you need too? Having the proper paint coating can make all the difference. Let our specialists help you with selecting the right paint option for your home.

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