The New Jersey Permanent Painting Process

NJ Permanent House PaintProtection
We carefully cover all shrubbery, decks, windows and property not intended for painting.

Preparation & Repairs
We pressure-wash all surfaces to remove dirt, mildew and other pollutants. We scrape and sand as necessary to remove ALL loose and peeling house paint to provide a sound, solid substrate for the product application. We make any and all repairs to the structure including surface patching and area replacements, etc.

Primer Application
We apply ArmorCoat™ Bonding Primer to ALL surfaces intended for painting.

Sealant Application
We install ArmorCoat™ Seal Sealant over the bonding primer to replace old caulk and seal all points of water entry.

Paint Application
We spray and brush ArmorCoat™ Permanent Paint over the bonding primer and sealant, providing a luxurious soft-satin finish.

Clean Up & Inspection
We provide a thorough clean-up and a detailed inspection to assure your total satisfaction. The warranty card is issued upon final inspection.

Information on the Permanent Painting Process for New Jersey Homes

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