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Union Permanent House Painting Contractors

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The exterior paint of your Union home provides should provide you with long lasting beauty and quality protection. Unfortunately, many painting contractors use inferior products and methods which results in an exterior paint job that degrades extremely quickly. Nothing can be more frustrating than a paint job that deteriorates prematurely via color fading, chipping, and blistering.

At Permanent Painting of New Jersey, we are proud to provide the solution to the endless repainting cycle. Our house painters use the highest quality materials and specialized methods in order to maximize the longevity of your Union exterior paint finish. Our permanent paint can be applied to any exterior residential surface. Its long lasting benefits are second to none.

Our exterior painting contractors are proud to have been providing the highest quality permanent painting services to Union residents for over twenty years. In all of your painting projects, we strive to maximize the long lasting beauty and protection that our permanent painting provides. We guarantee that you and your family will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

If you are tired of repainting the exterior of your Union home, call Permanent Painting of New Jersey today. We are happy to explain how our permanent painting process works. We are happy to answer all of your questions about our services, and we will be excited to set up your appointment today.

Union Permanent Painting Process

At Permanent Painting of New Jersey, we can always guarantee that our permanent paint will not fade and chip because we use the highest quality materials and tried and true methods. Our house painters treat our warranty as their personal standard of excellence and take immense pride in their work. By having an unwavering attention to detail, we guarantee that your Union exterior paint job will last well into the future.

The first step in our permanent painting process is to prepare the exterior surface for optimal paint application. This includes preparing and repairing your exterior surfaces. After initial preparation, we then use ArmorCoatTM sealant and bonding primer to provide the highest level of protection to your Union home while ensuring the highest quality paint application.

After full meticulous preparation, our house painters apply ArmorCoatTM permanent paint. This supreme quality paint goes on ten times thicker than traditional paint. It provides the highest level of moisture protection while also allowing moisture locked within surface materials to evaporate out. This prevents premature failure resulting from blistering.

Union Permanent Painting Warranty

Because we are so confident in our proficiency, methods, and materials, we guarantee that your permanent painting will last as long as you are in your Union home. This unsurpassed longevity saves you the time, money, and hassle of repeated exterior painting projects. You and your family will love the long lasting beauty and protection that our permanent painting services provide.

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If you need to hire permanent house painting contractors in Union, call Permanent Painting of New Jersey at 908-766-0099, or fill out our online request form.