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Exterior Home Tips Before You Paint

March 28, 2012 at 2:12 pm | Category: Exterior Tips

It’s time to paint. And, speaking of your new house colors…What exterior colors are you planning to use?

Is it for a complete repainting of your New Jersey home or other building, or maybe adding a few accents to bring some “snap” to your existing color scheme? Even with New Jersey house panting with a conservative, subtle color palette can benefit from a small adjustment.

To provide a little help, here are a few tips for individual homeowners and building professionals.

When you start to think about colors for painting your existing home, a renovation, or new construction…


From a small house to a mansion, your best color choices are the ones you carefully consider.

  • Assess the current condition of your siding, eaves, other trim and architectural details.
  • Porches are a great place to introduce new color: Floors, Ceilings, and Trim.
  • Alcoves, niches, window seats: all are candidates for minor revisions with color and sheen.
  • Even homes with less architectural detail will be more elegant and distinctive with the right color additions.
  • Are you planning some landscaping? Coordinate your house color with property updates.


Builders: Single family or a development

Building a single Spec-house, or an entire neighborhood? There’s a lot to consider when it comes to color.

  • Multiple, adjacent homes do not have to be made in the same color schemes
  • The colors you use have a lot to say to–and about–the buyers you attract.
  • The best color plan will include¬†all¬†your building materials to create the most interesting and appealing properties.
  • Color is what your customers will notice first. Make it count!


Now can be the time that you expand your own color-horizons.

  • You can break out of the typical format of “3 colors” for your home.
  • Try a 5-color palette, even on a more simple structure. It will look more interesting.
  • Keep your house colors harmonious with your surroundings, appropriate to the architecture of your own home, and fitting in the neighborhood. All are important.
  • The key is to use the right colors in the right places, where tasteful and imaginative colors will enhance a simply-structured house as well as one with multiple architectural elements and embellishments.


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