The New Jersey Permanent Painting System vs. Vinyl Siding

NJ House Painting ContractorBefore ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting System, many New Jersey homeowners were forced to choose between the natural look of traditional paint and the longevity of vinyl siding. Many people still consider vinyl to be their only option as they are tired of spending thousands on painting every few years.

We understand the frustration caused by the costly re-painting cycle so isn’t it time to Break the Painting Cycle?

Here are just a few reasons why we make the choice simple.

1. ArmorCoat™ maintains the enduring beauty of your home and keeps that freshly painted look without the artificial appearances of vinyl. If you home in rough-sawn cedar it will still look like rough-sawn cedar. If you have stucco, it will still look like stucco, just freshly painted.

2. ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting System will not only last as long as vinyl, but will look better than vinyl as time goes by. Not only does our warranty match that of any good vinyl siding, it beats it! Over time vinyl siding will dent, fade and even mildew, the longer it is on your home. ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting Process Permanent Painting System has you covered. Our warranty covers excessive and uneven fading and you won’t have to worry about the dents of vinyl taking away from the architectural beauty of your home.

3. ArmorCoat™ is superior to vinyl in ArmorCoat™ weather. Vinyl siding is known as “permanent” but even a ladder or bump from a lawnmower can crack the siding. High winds can catch a loose edge and pull off/damage panels of vinyl, and wind-driven rain or hail can puncture the siding, then allowing moisture in through the holes. This could eventually cause serious damage to your home. You do not run these risks with ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting Process Permanent Painting System.

4. ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting System is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. One of the most alarming qualities of vinyl is its level of toxicity when burning. Not only is EXPPPS non-toxic, it has ArmorCoat™ly low VOC’s and not only meets, but exceeds EPA regulation.

5. ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting does not cover up costly problems like rot, mildew, and mold or water damage so that they worsen over time and cause extensive damage and repair costs. Vinyl does not beautify the surface of your home- it covers it and actually accelerates damage. Mildew, rot, mold and water damage that accrue underneath the vinyl have no way of being seen until the siding is taken off and it is too late. This can destroy the surface of your home and eventually the damage can penetrate through to the foundation. Blind coverage is the number one worst characteristic of vinyl siding. The ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting System still allows you to see the surface of your home, while offering maximum protection from the elements that is breathable and will not trap moisture or cover damage.

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