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how it works

25 Year Warranty

25 year warranty

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why choose us


Why Choose Permanent Painting for Your New Jersey Home

New Jersey permanent house painter Warranty
The ArmorCoat Permanent Painting System comes with the best dual warranty in the industry.

Beautiful, Rich Appearance
Our system’s satin sheen will enhance your home’s beauty and keep that fresh painted look with no artificial appearances. We’ll restore your home without taking away from the architectural beauty, so your original texture remains in tact.

Tough & Durable
A high build finish that is ten times thicker than ordinary paint, and is warranted for as long as you own your home. A 25 year warranty is available for commercial buildings.

Waterproof & Mold & Mildew Resistant
Our painting system provides maximum protection from “mother nature’s” most costly damage. Minimal cleaning is required for a fresh paint look.

Our painting system helps prevent trapped water from causing costly repairs from wood rot, mold and mildew.

Peace of Mind
The ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting system requires no maintenance.

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